Monday, January 21, 2008

newbienudes - In houses

Well remember, when I wake maloletkam interest in the present. I was 15 years old. We stayed with the mother at the spa (Holiday House at the factory). There were different procedures. Once I have appointed bath with some herbs there. In the room was a series of baths, each with three sides was fenced oilcloth opaque (with the fourth wall has been). Menem held to the long-distance. All baths, in which someone had been zashtoreny, and only at the last was otdernuta oilcloth. And therein lay bare 7 - year old girl (then learned that her name was Inga). Equally confident that bare: all her clothes lying on the stool, and all were lying on top of the white panties.
And when I formed the bath, it turned out that the oilcloth and between our baths also zadernuta not until the end - I could see his head Inge. I just do not closed its neck, trying to look like something else!
Her time had ended sooner. I have not seen it vylazila as vytiralas, but when she was put on panties, she kachnulas ago, and I saw her side all naked! But it quickly natyanula panties, and stepped forward to put on the rest.
The whole balance of time in the bath, I was thinking only about this girl. And I was lucky on the same day - I saw her on the beach. And she was bathing in some graphics. My member stood up so that I was afraid to go!

Newbienudes - Happy partying

During the life remembered another story of life.
A couple of years ago we gulevanili at a company party at the restaurant. The restaurant was in the forest zone - just outside the open dance pad began birch forest. We were a little bit - only our office (10 people), so the restaurant was full of foreign people. As a place, podpili decently. Periodically throughout the company potryastis chosen to dance. I have little control over himself, but kept in the hands of another. Priudaryal strenuously for a brand new employee - she was the wife of the Chief of neighbouring department, and we went to the child after birth. And she herself was a miniature (Dai god, if at least 160 cm) and very pretty.
I came here to dance young family: father, mother and daughter 6-7 years - in a white peas in a large black dress. Quite by chance (!!!) we were in a circle, girl has been at the centre of the circle and each person against whom it was provided, has found it necessary to provide it unnecessary attention: dancing, or pokruzhitsya potryastis with it. When the turn came to me, I have issued such a "break-dance", just to be with her on the same plane and admire its vicinity. Wishing not to expose themselves, I went to a table, where a colleague had with nakatit "yet" that me and sgubilo. Basically, all my actions then reinstated stories present.
Back in the circle, I have frankly priudaril as a colleague and for a girl I liked: danced with the fact, then the other, peremigivalsya, lovely smile. I do not remember how, but at some point I found myself alone with a girl among the birches (her parents also have "decent" and the chest of a child little watch). Posohranyat trying a bit of decency, I turned to decisive action - oblapal girl, was kissed her face and body, and then climbed under her dress and began to touch her pants in the area. "I think the girl is not given up alcohol, because it was in response to my pohihikivala only teasing. I am cut down when I climbed it with a hand in her panties and briefly pubis.
But on this adventure with my doshkolnitsey not ended. According to my comrade-in-work, returning "unknown origin", I began to have "attention" of the girl and, in fact, offered to hold it in the toilet when she expressed this desire. My colleague, too, illumination at the time, so he has unwittingly witnessed my "sin". I myself do not remember this, so all of his words!
Zawel it, I, of course, in the men's toilet. The walls between the booths did not reach the floor, and I can guess what happens in our cabin. I lowered her panties and podsadil it on toilet bowls, and he slipped it to its knees and carefully watched the process. When she finished, I wanted to help her Wipe, then invited her to his tongue as napkins. The girl agreed, and I long vylizyval latch her perineum. First, it is transferred to the legs, but then not stood and fell to grohnuvshuyu toilet lid. I stopped only when the girl from the toilet entered several more "high-profile" men.
When we returned to the room, her parents quickly zasobiralis and soon left. And I continued to care for his wife and chief of the neighbouring department eventually trahnul her in the same toilet cubicle! But that is another story…

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Newbienudes - Early erotica

I was four years when all this started. Parents very often have not been at home with me and left to sit neighbour floors below. As a lonely nprekrasny obpisalsya day, I have not been in me and that re. So Natasha (10 years old) section undress me, and so left. Then came my mother and asked:
- What are you section, which received normal truthful answer. Gradually, Natasha woke curiosity, and she lowered me playing with me panties. I remember it long razglyadyvala me, and the letters for some reason moved his hands. Much later (the secret has no value until about him nobody knows:)) She described her odnoklasnitsam that plays almost every day with a naked boy, and may TOUCH ezhto all so interesting ...
Girlfriends not believe it, and then arranged for first impressions: Only Mom went as a three girlfriend. I am undressed and began play in the hospital, mother-daughter, even that is me kupali, moved, and then some sort of a girl invited me to photograph golenkogo and sell photos. So it evolved, and my obnazhenye photos. First, they were domestic, then, with the emergence of erotic magazine - erotic content. I have already got used, and as soon as my mother left for work and came to the girl Natasha razdevalsya myself. Gradually, her photos appeared Jr. sestrychka Zoya. Zoya was too bare. This has already gone and pornofotografiya - Zoya moves, Zoya lies, in our posture 69 ... Potogm is all forgotten ... (mother fired from work) odnazhd No, I (already at the age of 10 years) went to visit Zoe (she was the same age with me.) when we played by Natasha rumors of things and came to black convolutions of photos. At the very beginning of my household lying naked pictures and zoya considered them with great interest, but I have not addressed it picked - we were at her place, but then it became appear in the photo, and that gave me the most interesting to watch. Photos then we burned some lizh left, and then domestic content, except perhaps one.

Monday, April 9, 2007